Congratulations, you have solved the riddle and found your way to our super-secret website! 

We’re currently moonlighting with the show ‘Tarot’. We don’t have a website for that because we’re tight. Despite that, we are touring it. Get tickets here

We’ve put some information below that journalists can arbitrarily cut and paste from. We haven’t got a FAQ section so if we haven’t covered anything; it means it’s none of your fucking business.

For those of you who were looking for a shop selling actual Ed Gein inspired furniture, you are in the wrong place but give us a shout when you find it. 

For those of you who have come here by accident, fuck right out. 

For those who are here on purpose, we’re so sorry.




If you like to keep up to date with how either Gein's or Tarot are doing because you're a fan, or worse, a family member then we'll keep this bit updated with developments, only positive ones though because no one wants to hear how often we decide to disband or how many poops Ed has done. Plus, we've set up a mailing list for that.


  • Tarot are going on an Autumn 2024 Tour!

    We will be bringing our nightie clad selfs to a city near you. Maybe. Check out the dates and cities here.

  • Edinburgh Fringe 2024

    Yep, we're doing it again. Get your tickets to Tarot's latest show 'Shuffle' here.

  • Pobl Bachyn

    We made a short film for the BBC. Please watch it so they'll let us make more. Watch it here.

  • Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2024

    Your boys are heading to Machynlleth again. We've got a Tarot Work in progress (tix here) and a Hive Mind (tix here) show.  Please buy all the tix (tickets).  

  • Hive Mind at Soho Theatre 2024

    Hive mind is coming to Soho on March 26th to 29th! We've got loads of banging guests like Katy Wix, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Sophie Duker, Glenn Moore, Amy Gledhill plus more. Get your tickets here.

  • Glasgow Comedy Festival 2024

    Thrilled to be bringing a Tarot Work in Progess show and a Hive Mind show to the Glasgow Comedy Festival. Please buy all of the WIP tickets here. and then buy all of the Hive Mind he tickets here. 

  • Edinburgh Fringe 2023

    We're having a chilled Fringe this year. Chilled in the sense that we're doing a Tarot Work in Progress from Aug 2-14th at the Monkey Barrell, not chilled financially. We're still being ruined. Tickets available here.

  • Hive Mind

    We've gone all shiny floor! We're taking a late night gameshow called Hive Mind up to the Fringe. We're only doing three nights so snap tickets up here. We're also going to be previewing it around the country so keep an eye on ticket links below. 

  • We're on ITV X

    Inexplicably, we're on ITV X. Catch our Tarot: Cautionary Tales show here.

  • Next Up's Fringe Festival Flashback

    The heroes at NextUp Comedy recorded our Tarot: Cautionary Tales show at last years Edinburgh Fringe. Thank God we didnt die on our arse because they're showing it again on April 6th. We're also doing a probably poorly atended Q &A after it. Watch it here

  • Salford's Suspiciously Cheap

    We're bringing Suspiciously Cheap Comedy back to Salfords New Adelphi Theatre on April 24th. Line up is top-notch with Stephen Bailey, Seeta Wrightson and Lauren Pattison, plus us as Tarot and Kiri Pritchard-Mclean as MC. Tickets available at newadelphitheatre.co.uk

  • Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2023

    We love Mach fest so much we're doing three shows at this years festival. Come see what happens when Tarot are spread too thin. Tickets available here. 

  • Hiraeth

    We made a short film and you can watch it here. 

  • Tarot: Soundbleed on BBC Sounds

    Our Radio 4 series Tarot: Soundbleed is now on BBC Sounds. You can listen here for proof. We do. 

  • Welcome to Spooktown podcast

    The nice folk at Little Wander asked Ed and Kath if they could move to Spooktown, invite pals like James Acaster, Evelyn Mok, and Isy Suttie over, get them to tell them a spooky story, decipher whether they're talking out their arse or not, and then turn that into a podcast. So we've made this: Welcome to Spooktown 

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy is back baby

    We're heading back to the Pleasance Theatre on October 24th and we're bringing Sara Pascoe, Charlie George and Sam Campbell with us. Real nice. In person tickets here. Online tickets here.

  • Aberystwyth Comedy Festival

    We're doing Tarot: Cautionary Tales at the world class Aberystwyth Comedy Festival on September 30th. Tickets available here. 

  • Edinburgh Fringe 2022

    We're heading back to the Fringe with Tarot's Cautionary Tales this year. Tickets are on sale here. 

  • Work in Progresses

    If you want to watch us sweat out some new stuff across the country then boy have we got the thing for you. We've got a some WIPS as Tarot coming up. All links are below. 

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy at The Pleasance

    Suspicioulsy Cheap Comedy is back at the London Pleasance. The line-ups are always top. In person tickets are available here. Online tickets are available with Next up Comedy here.

  • Suspiciously Cheap is back, back, back again!

    We're at the Pleasance Theatre, London on January 31st. Darren Harriott, Jessica Fostekew, Fatiha El-Ghorri plus more, for just a fiver. Wild. Get your in-person tickets here and streaming tickets here.

  • Tarot and Kiri Work in Progress

    If you'd like to see Kiri expertly smash a Work in progress followed by us panicking through one then boy have we got a treat for you. February 4th at The Pleasance London. Tickets available here. 

  • Tarot on Radio 4

    Finally, we're being allowed on big boy radio. Tarot has been given their very own series! Someone called Kiri is doing pretty well too. Read all about it here: www.comedy.co.uk 

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy is back on October 25th

    Suspiciously Cheap in back at the London Pleasance on October 25th. We're going to be there as Tarot with Lou Sanders, Suzi Ruffell, Ola Labib and Tadiwa Mahlunge. In-person and live-stream tickets available here.

  • Suspiciously Cheap is coming to Leicester !

    We're heading to Leicester's Y Theatre on Decemeber 2nd! The cracking Darren Harriott and Barbara Nice, plus a top-secret guest will be joining us. In person and live-stream tickets available here. 

  • Tarot Work in Progress at The Comedy Cabin

    We're previewing some brand spanking new sketches at The Comedy Cabin on August 27th. Get tickets here and bring your nice friends. 

  • Greenman Festival!

    Festivals are legal again so we're going to be having safe fun at the wonderful Greenman festival. 

  • Tarot Radio 4 preview at Betsey Trotwood

    We're doing one last preview of our Radio 4 series at Betsey Trotwood on July 27th. Tickets are available here.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy Live from The Pleasance, Again

    We're back at the London Pleasance on July 25th! Click here for in-person tickets and here for live stream tickets.

  • Tarot Radio 4 Preview at Tide, Again

    We're doing another preview of our Radio 4 show at Halen Môn's cafe Tide on July 9th. Come for the laughs. Stay for the view. And then leave when they close for the evening. Click here for tickets.

  • Tarot Radio 4 Preview

    We're trying out some bits for our upcoming Tarot Radio 4 series on June 16th. We'll be at The Bill Murray, London, shitting our pants and thinking about big boy radio.  Click here for tickets.  

  • Tarot & Kiri Preview

    We're teaming up with our boss Kiri Pritchard-Mclean on June 22nd. Come and see us do a Radio 4 preview and Kiri do a tour show preview at the legit beautiful Tide cafe at Halen Môn, Ynys Môn. Click here for tickets.

  • Gŵyl2021

    Like the scum we are, we’ve managed to froth all over gŵyl2021. Thanks to Little Wander, we’re muscling our way in as Tarot in Live from Lockdown and short film Pedwar and as Ed and Kath's podcast Welcome to Spooktown. It all takes place over March 6th-7th. Read about it here.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy Live from The Pleasance

    We're doing a half online half in The Pleasance Suspiciously Cheap Comedy on May 30th with Mae Martin, Darren Harriott, and Sara Pascoe. Watch it, please. Tickets available here.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy Christmas Special

    Ho, ho, hold me closer tiny dancer! Because Suspiciously Cheap Comedy is coming to The Pleasance Theatre in London on December 20th. It will be a safe, socially distanced affair with limited seats and excellent acts like Tim key and Cat Cohen. NextUp will be live streaming the whole shebang too. Get Pleasance tickets here and get NextUp tickets here.

  • Suspiciously Cheap is back!

    The night we run with fellow sketch chums Goose is back on October 11th. We're going to be streaming live from Ynys Môn with Lolly Adefope and Phil Wang beaming in from wherever they are in the world. Buy a link here.

  • Comedians In Quarantine

    Tarot (AKA us and sketch boys Goose) had a go on Comedy Central's Comedians In Quarantine. Have a watch here.

  • Mark Watson's Watsonathon!

    We took part in the mighty Watsonathon on Friday. It's pay what you want and all proceeds go to charity. Donate if you can and watch the whole, glorious thing here.


  • Live From Lockdown on BBC Radio Wales

    Machynlleth Comedy Festival sadly got cancelled because of a (the) pandemic. But even that can't stop them being legends. Thanks to them we're going to be on BBC Radio Wales this Saturday (May 2nd). Listen here.

  • Tarot Tour is being rescheduled

    Hello all, we are sadly but understandably having to reschedule Tarot's upcoming tour dates. The new dates are here if you want to nab a ticket. Some are still TBC. To those of you who already have tickets, thanks very much. Hopefully, you can make the new dates, but if not you can get a refund. The ticket providers will contact you directly with more info. Stay safe out there. Hope to see you on the other side. Lots of love.

  • Suspiciously Cheap at The Pleasance is cancelled

    Yup, Suspiciously cheap is being sensibly safe and cancelling our May 31st gig at The Pleasance. We'll reschedule when it's not dumb to gather a bunch of people in a hot room. Take care, everyone.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy in Salford is cancelled

    So sorry but we're sadly having to cancel our upcoming Suspiciously Cheap gig in Salford. The venue will refund your tickets and we'll reschedule as soon as possible. Keep washing them mits, kids.  

  • The Paddock on Channel 4

    The good folks at The Paddock let Tarot come play on Channel 4's Youtube account. Here's a link to the whole shebang. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4t4lDi6S9s

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy at The Pleasance

    Suspiciously Cheap Comedy is moving house for a bit! The Pleasance is taking us in on March 1st and we're very happy about it. Line-up is banging as per. Get tickets here.

  • Tarot's going on tour

    We're taking our mad experiment around the country. Tickets available here.

  • Tarot at Soho Theatre

    Tarot is going on its holidays to London town in the new year. We're going to be trashing the place from January 13th to the 18th (excluding the 16th). Get tickets here

  • Suspiciously New Year

    We're back at the Backyard Comedy Club on January 26th. The line-up will be banging as always. Keep an eye out for announcements and grab your tickets here. Have a lovely Christmas and new year. And as a side note, we know we're usually little shits and call people things like 'skin tags' but we're actually good boys and girls. Please pass this onto Santa.

  • We have a mailing list

    It was getting to be messy sending our genital shots out via whats app and in rural areas, bluetooth, so we decided to get a mailing list. Sign up and get our monthly mailouts and a feeling of wellbeing.

  • Suspiciously Cheap hits the West end

    Hot damn, we're doing a show for charity in London's West End at the Ambassadors Theatre. It's on December 15th and it's going to be the best. Tickets are available here.



  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy Turns Five

    Our Suspiciously Cheap Comedy night turns 5 years old on November 17th. Mark Watson, Joseph Morpurgo, Janine Harouni and Ken Cheng will be joining us. I swear down, if you don't come to our birthday we'll be fucking fuming. This will NOT be another embarrassing Hall hire. Get your £5/3 tickets here.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy at Salford

    Suspiciously Cheap is heading back to Salford on October 14th. You should probably get a ticket because it's going to be great and it's 5 quid. Tickets available here. 

  • Aberystwyth Comedy Festival

    Hey gang, if you missed Tarot in Edinburgh and quite fancied seeing it then we're taking it to the welsh seaside for a one-off show. Tickets available here. 


    The nice folk at JOE have written an article about why you should come watch our mad show. Have a read here. The run has sold out but tickets to extra shows are avaiable here.

  • Extra shows for Tarot!

    We've sold out our entire Edinburgh run! So as a little treat for our mental health we've decided to put on two extra shows at triple the room capacity. 13.30 - Pleasance Two - 23rd and 24th Aug. Tell all your pals please! Tickets available here.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy at The Backyard Comedy Club

    Ourselves and Goose will be doing Tarot sketches at our July 14th Suspiciously Cheap Comedy. Will Duggan and Bridget Christie will be there being brilliant too. Defo worth a fiver. Tickets available here. 

  • Tarot Previews

    We're going to be previewing the shit out of our new Goose/Gein's combo group; Tarot. Dates and tickets available here. No dweebs allowed. I.D.S.T. #Kony2012

  • Tarot - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

    We've joined forces with sketch team Goose to make a new group. Together we're taking a show called Tarot to this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival and it (hopefully) won't be shit. Get tickets here. 

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy

    On May 19th we'll be busy being the worst thing on our own bill at the Backyard Comedy Club. Come join us, Darren Harriott, Olga Koch, Nick Helm, Goose, Kiri Pritchard McLean and a very special guest for just 5 quid. Don't be a bell and miss it. Grab tickets here.

  • Machynlleth Comedy Festival

    We're off to Machynlleth with another Work in Progress! We love this festival and if you don't come we'll tell on you. We've not worked out the logistics on how we'll do that, but we will. Tickets available here.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy is still suspiciously cheap

    We've got a mystery, shut your goddam mouth it's a secret, guest doing an extended set on March 24th at The Backyard Comedy Club. Plus the smashing Yuriko Kotani and Alice India. Tickets available here. Come.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy is back in Salford

    Hot of our mouths. Suspiciously Cheap is heading to Salford's New Adelphi Theatre on March 18th. You can watch John Kearns, Sunil Patel, Amy Annette, Yuriko Kotani, plus more top notch legends for a FIVER . Tickets available here.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy - First Pay day of 2019 Special

    New year, same old cracking night. Our January 27th line-up is already looking sexy as hell so keep an eye out for announcements. Tickets are only five quid and available here.

  • What's On London Comedy Awards

    The lovely folk at What's On London reckon we were pretty good at sketch in 2017. Thanks, guys. 

  • Pleasance WIP

    So we're going to be farting out a work in progress at the Pleasance theatre on January 16th. Come watch it or we'll be tooting into the abyss. Ta. Tickets available here.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy: West End Charity Spectacular

    The West End are letting us come play for one night only. We're at the Fortune Theatre on December 17th with Phil Wang + more TBA. And all proceeds go to MIND. See you there!  

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy - London

    Yes, yes we're still putting on a banging night with banging acts for a banging price. We've got Kieran Hodgson, Lolly Adefope, Cat Cohen + more TBA for £5 on November 25th at the Backyard Comedy Club. See? Banging.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy - Salford

    We're bringing Jordan Brookes and Jayde Adams to our old university on October 22nd. Come join us or it will just be us giving them a tour that they didn't ask for. Tickets are ony five quid.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy - Cambridge

    Cambridge is pretty light on comedy so we figured we'd put on a night to show them what it's all about. It's at ADC Theatre on October 16th. Keep an eye on suspiciouslycheapcomedy.com for banging line-up announcements and grab your tickets here. They're a fiver because we're cool like that. 

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy - Edinburgh

    We're doing one night only at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival. August 20th we'll be having a right laugh with Goose plus more banging acts at The Voodoo Rooms. It's free entry but all bucket donations go to MIND. See you there legends!

  • The Comedian’s Comedian podcast

    Stuart Goldsmith was kind enough to bob along to Kath's living room and talk to us for two whole hours. Listen to us moan about stuff and then quickly backtrack here.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy Leicester

    We had a right blast in Leicester last time so we've decided to come back. And we're bringing the excellent Gary Delaney, Darren Harriott and Rachel Fairburn with us to boot.  See you on June 10th if you're not a square.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy London

    Our Suspiciously Cheap June 3rd date is looking increasingly banging. We've got the fantastic Ellie Taylor and Lucy Pearman plus more goddam legends to be announced. Watch this space. 

  • We're going on tour! Again

    Missed our 2017 Edinburgh Fringe show? No sweat. We've decided to drag it around the country for a tour. Dates and tickets here.   

  • BBC Radio Wales

    If you are in Wales and own a radio, switch it on at 1pm Saturday 16th, 23rd and 30th of September to hear us yell at each other. If you're in another part of the world and own a radio, just do what you want. We're not your mum. If you do want to listen to us at 1pm though you can do that here.  

  • Porters

    Our boy Ed has only gone and got himself a telly role. Have a read about it here. 

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy

    Our next London Suspicisiously Cheap is on September 24th and we have Jayde Adams, Jordan Brookes, Mark Watson, Evelyn Mok, Chris Washington, Spencer Jones + Goose, us and Kiri. All for a fiver. A FIVER.

  • Radio Wales

    We've manadged to get a third series on BBC Radio Wales. We're recording it on June 21st in Salford. Do come.

  • Manchester International Festival

    The nice folk at the Manchester International Festival are letting us come play for an hour on July 8th. Join us.

  • Edinburgh Fringe 2017

    We're heading back to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. Come watch us fanny about for the entirety of August. 


  • Machynlleth Comedy Festival

    We’re heading back to Machynlleth Comedy Festival in April and we're pretty damn chuffed about it. 

  • BBC Radio Wales repeats

    Just in case you missed us yelling into the BBC Radio Wales airwaves the first time around. They've decided to air the second series our half hour specials again. Tune in on January 21st, 28th & Februay 4th at 1pm. 


  • Leicester Comedy Festival

    Yes, the rumours are true. We've learnt how to spell Leicester. We're also doing a Work in Progress at the excellent Little Theatre on February 25th. Do come. 

  • BBC Radio Wales - The Sequel

    We've tricked the good folk at Rubber Chicken again and have been allowed back on the radio. Listen to us try not to swear on BBC Radio Wales here.

  • Drunk History

    We've been allowed on the telly again. Not our voices though. They were adamant that they only wanted our bodies. 

  • Festival No 6

    We’re off to Festival No 6 in September. Be seeing you. There.

  • Suspiciously Cheap Comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe

    We felt there wasn’t enough choice at the Edinburgh Fringe so we’ve decided to put on a Suspiciously Cheap Comedy night. Only this time, it’s suspiciously free. See you there. (Aug 15 at 10.15pm at The Voodoo Rooms)

  • British Comedy Guide Tour Blog

    So we're doing a thing called blogging now. We think it's going to be huge, like Ask Jeeves huge, maybe bigger. Just remember that we were there at the start. 

  • February Bargain Basement

    Get your eyes around this stonking line-up: Sam & Tom (wow) Will Duggan (more wow) & Glenn Moore (wow again) Yes it’s at Kosmonaught. Yes it starts at 8.30pm. Yes it’s on the 1st of Feb. And, yes you’re god dam right it’s free.

  • We're going on Tour

    We are coming to a town/villiage/city near you. Bring your friends. Peace and love.

  • Sky Christmas shorts

    We're going to be on the telly box. Like legit, on the telly, over Christmas, alongside a bunch of brilliant people. The lovely folk at Sky have Okayed it and everything. They can't take it back now because they promised. We are both very excited & very sorry about this.

  • BBC Radio Wales

    Seeing as two of us are Welsh, we figured we'd try our luck at getting on the Welsh Radio Waves. Turns out it worked and now we're recording some specials on July 8th & July 15th. Do come.


  • Radio 4's Sketchorama

    Holy shit tits, we're super excited to be yelling into the wire that Radio 4 comes out of in August. What's a non swear equivalent for the term "we need to write more sketches that don't say fuck, shit or nutsack in"? Suggestions would be useful.

  • Inside No.9

    When we were asked to be in Inside No.9 we were widge pinchingly happy. Now they've gone and done some commentaries so more widge pinching happened. Then we realised that they mentioned us in said commentary and now our widges hurt.

  • We won best Newcomer at the Chortle Awards

    It was a great night, we got to sleep over in a train station in London and Ed found out what a Nancy Dell'Olio was. Thanks to everyone that voted for us.


-[About us]-

Gein's Family Giftshop is comprised of Kath Hughes, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, Adam Scott-Rowley and Edward Easton, hailing from Glannau Dyfrdwy, Ynys Môn, Beddgelert and A Vag, respectively. The bulk of them joined forces in the city of Salford (The Birmingham of the North) post University while Adam had a proper education and joined the gang in 2017.

As of 2019, the Gein's gang (minus Adam. He doesn't need this) partnered up with sketch legends 'Goose' of Goose fame to form the show 'Tarot'. They've been arguing on long car journeys ever since (including Adam. We pop him on loudspeaker for old times sake).

Having won the Audience Choice Award and Best Sketch Act at the London Sketchfest 2014 (fun fact: This is how they met Tarot partners, 'Goose' of Goose fame), Gein's made their way to Edinburgh and were Nominated for Best Newcomer in the prestigious Foster’s Comedy Awards. They also won Curator’s Choice at the Noise Festival attending a ceremony at the House of Commons, Kiri ate 18 egg sandwiches at the buffet (21 including the ham and tomato) and Ed blocked a toilet, he now wears a V for Vendetta mask during rehearsals. Further accolades fell into the group’s muscular laps in 2015 with a nomination for Best Sketch and a victory for Best Newcomer in the Chortle Awards. Thanks to this, their muscular laps were allowed to create a Sky Arts Christmas short and nine half-hour BBC Radio Wales specials over 2015, 2016 and 2017 plus a 2016 and 2018 tour.

The group remains stoically humble in the face of unmitigated success, principally because they’re aware that their brand of jizzy, blood heavy (separate) comedy is going to get found out any day now and they’ve sewn cyanide pills into their collars to bite down on when that day comes. This still stands. They've just sewn some extras into their Tarot nighties for peace of mind. Goose have no idea, lol.



Here’s some pictures of us. If you prefer your pictures moving, then we’ve trapped our souls into various videos you can watch. If you prefer your pictures nude we get it, we’re on the same page but google images is still being coy when it comes to “Gein’s Family Giftshop naked” searches. 'Tarot naked' searches however...knock yourselves out. 



-[Press and Awards for Gein's]-

"Gein's Family Giftshop...work harder and tighter than James Brown. Even if you hate them, you will have seen something genuinely new."
The Sunday Times

"They are exceptionally brilliant"
Reece Shearsmith

"A joy to watch, provided you don’t suffer from a nervous disposition”
The Skinny

"A no-holds-barred sketch show unlike any other…”
Broadway Baby

“Theirs is a dark and sinister comic world”
The Guardian

“The most distinctive sketch troupe since League of Gentlemen”
Beyond The Joke

The Skinny

Arts Award Voice

Broadway Baby

The Sunday Times





The Metro

Mail on Sunday





What's on London - Best Sketch show - 2017

Chortle Awards - Best Newcomer - 2015

London Sketchfest – Best New Sketch – 2014

London Sketchfest  – Audience Choice – 2014

NOISE Festival - Curator's Choice - 2014

Chortle AwardsSketch, character or improv act - 2015

Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Foster's Best Newcomer – 2014



Seen our recorded stuff and want to be disappointed by seeing us live? You’re too kind, here’s where we or Tarot are next (or indeed in the past as Kath updates this bit and she’s lackadaisical at best)

Wednesday 17th July
Paddy Young & Tarot Work in Progress – Komedia, Brighton

Monday 22nd July
Kemah Bob & Tarot Work in Progress – Seven Dials Playhouse, London

Tuesday 23rd July
Tarot Work in Progress – The Quarry Theatre Studio, Bedford Fringe Festival

Wednesday 31st July
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Thursday 1st August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Friday 2nd August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Saturday 3rd August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Sunday 4th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Monday 5th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Tuesday 6th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Wednesday 7th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Thursday 8th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Friday 9th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Saturday 10th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Sunday 11th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Monday 12th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Tuesday 13th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Wednesday 14th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Thursday 15th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Friday 16th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Saturday 17th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Sunday 18th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Monday 19th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Tuesday 20th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Wednesday 21st August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Thursday 22nd August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Friday 23rd August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Saturday 24th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Sunday 25th August
Tarot: Shuffle – Pleasance Courtyard Pleasance Two, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Saturday 5th October
Tarot: Shuffle – Theatr Arad Goch, Aberystwyth Comedy Festival

Monday 21st October
Tarot: Shuffle – Soho Theatre, London

Tuesday 22nd October
Tarot: Shuffle – Soho Theatre, London

Wednesday 23rd October
Tarot: Shuffle – Soho Theatre, London

Thursday 24th October
Tarot: Shuffle – Soho Theatre, London

Friday 25th October
Tarot: Shuffle – Soho Theatre, London

Saturday 26th October
Tarot: Shuffle – Soho Theatre, London

Wednesday 6th November
Tarot: Shuffle – G Live, Guildford

Thursday 7th November
Tarot: Shuffle – The Old Market, Brighton

Friday 8th November
Tarot: Shuffle – Burdall's Yard, Bath

Saturday 9th November
Tarot: Shuffle – Theatre@41, York

Friday 15th November
Tarot: Shuffle – The Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol

Saturday 16th November
Tarot: Shuffle – South Street Arts Centre, Reading

Tuesday 19th November
Tarot: Shuffle – Exeter Phoenix, Exeter

Friday 22nd November
Tarot: Shuffle – Pontio, Bangor

Saturday 23rd November
Tarot: Shuffle – New Adelphi Theatre, Salford University

Tuesday 26th November
Tarot: Shuffle – The Stand, Newcastle

Wednesday 27th November
Tarot: Shuffle – The Stand, Edinburgh

Thursday 28th November
Tarot: Shuffle – The Stand, Glasgow

Friday 29th November
Tarot: Shuffle – Midland Arts Club, Birningham



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